Initial list of planned deliverables

Ref Short name Long name Date due Status
D-170 PMP Project Management Plan KO Complete
D-180 MR Monthly Reports Monthly Ongoing
D-190 ADB Actions Database As required Ongoing
D-10 DIR SOS Directory Jan 2013 a Ongoing
D-20 WWW-v1 SOS web portal (Initial version) Jan 2013 Completed March 2013
D-30 WWW-v2 SOS web portal (Full version) Jun 2013 Completed October 2013
D-40 BRO SOS Brochure Dec 2013 Complete
D-50 SAP Scientific and Analysis Plan version 1 Feb 2013 b Complete July 2013
D-60 TS Technical Specification Apr 2013
(draft at Feb 2013)
Complete July 2013
D-70 DS SOS baseline dataset Sep 2013 Complete Jan 2014
D-80 UM-v1 SOS user manual version 1 Sep 2013 Complete Jan 2014
D-90 TSv2 Updated TS Section-8 Algorithm Theoretical Baseline Documents version 2 Jan 2014 Complete July 2014
D-100 EDS Experimental Data Set Jan 2014 Complete
D-110 UM-v2 Updated SOS user manual – version 2 Jan 2014 Complete
D-120 PVR Project Validation Report Jan 2014 Complete
D-130 SIAR SMOS+ Ocean SOS Scientific and Impact Assessment Report in the form of a collection of peer reviewed journal paper(s) Nov 2014 Complete
D-140 WKP SMOS+ Ocean workshop Nov 2014 Complete
D-150 FR SOS Final Report Dec 2014 Ongoing
D-160 TDP SOS Technical Data Package Dec 2014 Ongoing

a updated throughout project

b updated and reviewed at MTR (KO+12)